Bezif Metallurgical and Biological Image Analysis Software

Bezif Medical Software-Model:BM-BIOWIZ

BIOWIZARD Ver 4.1 is a new generation image analysis software meant for scientist to do analysis in the simplest way. This is a single screen window based system. The system is flexible, independent to adopt any capture card, camera and Microscopes.
BIOWIZARD can handle monochrome (8 bits) and color (24 bits) images. Multiple images of any size can be opened and displayed on the screen for analysis or comparison. The software support most common formats BMP, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, and GIP & PSD. The full screen real time image can be observed and captured on the same platform. Since system is made in window environment, graphs and charts displayed on the monitor can be quickly transferred into other window-based program like MS Word, MS Excel or any other commercial window based software for the use in reports and presentation.


(a) Sportial Calibration
(b) Line Measurements for Distance, Length, Width, Perimeter, Angle, Three point Radius. (c) Area by enclosed line controlled by four arrow keys available on the keyboard arrow with zoomed preview. The Line measurement is not effected on zoomed images.


Identification of objects in an image, count them, obtain several features measurements. Objects identification by user or automatically. User defined classification on basis of size or intensity.


Manual, Auto bright and Auto dark methods to identify intensity range defined object to be measured. Various calculation & measurements available for selected Particle are; Dimensions, Area, Perimeter, Ferrite Length, Min/ Max Radius, Thread Length, Thread Width, Fiber Length, Fiber Width.


Roundness, shape, Orientation, Elongation, Equal Circular Diameter, Equal Sphere Volume.


Centroid X, Centroid Y, Major X1, MajorY1, Minor X1, MinorY1, Major X2, MajorY, Major X2, MinorY2, Box X1, X2, Box Y, Y2 & Box Area. Measure area fraction & Volume fraction. Identify multiple phases within Microstructure. Also delineate phases from the histogram.
(a) Three Options: Direct Print out with Original image & Tabular Results.
(b) Export to MS Office (c) Excel for further modification.

Bezif Metallurgical / Metallurgy Software-Model:BM-MP

Material Plus 4.1 is a comprehensive solution of all Micro graphic methods used to test metal and their products. The wizard (modules) available are confirming all equivalent national & international methods. The available wizards are :


ASTM E-112, E-930, E-1181, ISO 643-03, JIS G 0551-05 BS 490 DIN 643-03, IS-4748-88, SIS 111101 GOST 5639-82.Determine feritic and austenitic Grain Size in Steel. The available methods are :

1. Automatic & Semi automatic Lineal Heyn Intercept method. 2. Jeffries Planimetric Method. 3. Automatic and Semiautomatic Snyder and Graff Open Scale Intercept Method. 4. Comparison Method. 5. ALA Grain Size. 6. Selected Grain Size 7. Manual Count etc.


ASTM A247, ISO 9451-1, DIN EN 945-94, BIS 7754 JIS G5504, IS-7754. Flakes occuring in Cast Iron are designated by Form (by Roman no. I to VI) Distribution (designated by capital letter A to E) and Size (designated by Arabic no 1 to 8).


ASTM ISO 2639-02, BS-6479-84, IS-6416-88 JIS G0557 DIN 50790. The test determine the depth of hardened surface under low magnification by measuring the distance from the surface to the point shaving a different coloration towards core.


Pores in casting are estimated and reported on the basis of intensity. The percentage is calculated.


ASTM E-1245 E ASTM E45-97, ISO 4163-82, DIN 50602. The wizard determine contents of Non-metallic. Inclusion in rolled or forged steel products. According to ASTM, expression of results are in Group A, B, C, D along with segmentation of thick/thin and its severity level.


ASTM A 247-67, ISO-9451-1, IS-7754 DIN E 945-94, JIS G5504, BIS 7754 JIS G5504. Nodules (spheroidal Graphite in Cast Iron) are separated from Non Nodules on predefined spheroidicity. Nodules/Sqmm are calculate and on the basis of its size and it is designed by Arabic no. 1 to 8 according to ASTM & ISO standards.


ASTM E1077, ISO 3887, JIS-0557-98 BS-6617-1, IS-7754 DIN 50192. The depth of decarburization in unalloyed and low alloy steel is determined by Micro graphic Method. Depth of Partial, total and complete decarburization is reported separately.

Bezif Weld Penetration Analysis Software-Model:BM-WC

Weld Check software is a powerful easy-to-use tool that enhances your ability to quickly and efficiently handle your most critical welding measurement and documentation software needs. Your workflow and productivity are greatly improved. Weld Check has been designed with your welding cross-section measurement needs in mind. Weld Check’s measurement module allows you to quickly measure such items as your fillet welds, throat, leg lengths and penetration.

Use Weld Check Measurement Tolerance indicator to improve performance by having the software automatically tell you if a measurement is out of the tolerance range.

The following report concerns the analysis of a fillet weld, a weld of approximately triangular cross section joining two surfaces at approximately right angles to each other. Important measurements made by the distance from the root if the fillet to the center of the face (or throat), the distance from the root of the joint to the junction between the exposed surface of the weld and the base metal (or leg), the angles and the root penetration.Measurements that could have been done with the same ease or similar sample are among others : depth of HAZ (heat affected zone), area of HAZ, joint penetration, phase counting, etc.

The measurement remain uneffected if the image is zoomed for better accuracy. T he magnifier tool is also available which can be switched on any part of image. The tool zooms only the region surrounding the cursor allowing to increase the drawing precision while still seeing the whole sample.

Image analysis system can measure a sequence of specific characteristics or welded parts. The system brings the good tool with the good color when it’s the time for the operator to use it.

Bezif Hardness Analysis Software-Model:BM-HP

Microhardness testing applied in areas including metallography, precision mechanics, electroplating, material testing and material science. In order to determine microhardness, different shaped indents are pressed into flat material samples with a defined force. Three methods available are :


In Brinell hardness test, an indentation hardness test in which a hardmetal ball is forced into the surface of a test piece, mean diameter of the indentation is left on the surface after removal of the test force is measured.
The Brinell hardness HBW is obtained by software.


The Vickers hardness test, measure length of the diagonals of indentation left in the surface in which a Square-based diamond pyramid, having an angle of 136 degree between the opposite faces at the vertex, is forced. The Vickers hardness is obtained by dividing the test force by the area of the sloping faces of the indentation. The Vickers hardness HV is displayed by software.


The Knoop hardness test is an indentation hardness test in which a rhombic-based diamond pyramid, having an included longitudinal edge angle of 172.5 degree and an included transverse edge angle of 130 degree, is forced into the surface of a test piece. The length of the long diagonal of the indentation left in the surface after removal of the test force. The Knoop hardness HK is calculated by software.

Bezif Cast Iron Analysis Software-Model:BM-FP

Specifications :

1.) The Software is totally Automatic and provides complete analysis of microstructure of Cast Iron.
2.) Choice to get analysis report in ASTM 247-67, ISO 945-1, ISI - 945-1, DIN EN 945, JIS G 5504 standards.
3.) Nodules touching boundries are excluded in analysis.
4.) Artifacts less than 10 Micron are not excluded in analysis.
5.) Nodules are separated from Non-Nodules on predefined Sphroidicity.
6.) The Nodules form ( Designated by Roman no. I to VI ) & Size ( Designated Arabic no. 1 to 8 ) is reported.
7.) The Flakes occuring in Cast Iron in the form I, reported on the basis of type of distribution ( designated by capital letter Ato E on the basis of orientation ) and size ( designated by Arabic no. 1to 8 ).
8.) The percentage of PEAR LITE is calculated by excluding the Graphite area.
9.) The Matrix of PEARLITE, FERRITE, GRAPHITE & CARBIDE are reported in etched sample.
10.) Rport is generated with specific International standard choosen by user.
11.) F% is reported in JIS method.

Bezif Image Analysis & Live Measurements Software-Model:BM-MM

Specifications :

The software provides real time full Screen Display. It also does real time (Live) live measurements due to which large number of samples can be handled. The new capture wizard developed under the technical guidance of lead tool, USA support Microsoft formats available for cameras and frame Grabber, Most of the input devices with USB 1, USB 2, IEEE TWAIN can be easily used. The on-Line measurements & calculation available are length, width, perimeter, three point radius, Angle between two lines. Three point Angle, Length of a chord, and Distance between circle and point, curved area, area by polygon, Area by circle, area by rectangle, Distance between centers of two circles, Distance between two parallel lines etc. The various other measurements & calculations available on captured images are, Ferrite length Min/ Max Radius, Thread width, Shape, Orientation, Elongation, Equal circular Diameter, Equal, Sphere Volume Box Area, centroid X & Y, Major & Minor X1, X2, Y1, Y2, Centroid X & Y, Major & Miner X1, X2, Y1, Y2. Report Direct printout is available with original image and tabulated results it can also be exported to MS Excel.

Bezif Micro Measurements Software-Model:BM- CP

Specifications :

This software is powerful for acquiring, organizing, storing, retrieving and editing any image. It handles different image formats BMP, TIFF, IMG, IMF, GIF, PCX, JPEG, PIC. It support many cameras, frame grabbers and other USB-1, USB-2 & twain input devices. The Software provide user friendly platforms to measure length, width, height, thickness, perimeter, radius, angle, area etc on an object captured from any source. Creates customized reports with images, data & text.

Bezif Textile Analysis Software-Model:BM- TP

Specifications :

This new program with our polarizing microscope is very useful for quality control or textile testing laboratories for the analysis, micro-measurement of fiber, yarn, threads, textile Material, non-woven fabrics etc.

The real full screen display of image, acquisition, annotations, enhancement with hundred of filters, measurements, statistical processing of measure data are few of the capability of Textile Pro.

Photographs of all Fibers view are pre loaded in the software to identify fibers without prior knowledge in the same. The library can be created & retrieved within the same programme. Few of common usage of Textile Pro are:

1. Micro analysis of yarns and fiber sections.
2. Measurements of length, surfaces, perimeters, angles, distance between two points or lines or objects. 3. Fast and easy way the fineness analysis of single fibers.
4. Check the purchased material can be identify the type of fiber, comparing it with the fiber pictures
5. stored in the Data bank with the longitudinal and the sectional views.
6. Check and measure the quality and shape of Lycra or synthetic Multifilament single threads.
7. Analyse the compactness of non-woven Fabrics.
8. Analyse the Yarn structure and detect possible defects.
9. Detect, identify and measure possible impurities contained in textile materials.
10. Analyse the compactness of non-woven fabries.
11. Measure section surfaces and perimeters.
12. Analyse mechanical parts like needle points spinnerets etc.
13. Macro analysis of a yarn section.
14. Reduce the fabric warp and weft density to a cm or inch.

Bezif Image Analysis Software-Model:BM- PP

Specifications :

The use of microscopic image analysis system is the most reliable technique to characterize particle shape and to characterize a particle size and volume distribution. Tradition method, such as laser diffraction, although efficient, gives limited information on particle shape. The particle size, distribution and shape of the particles can effect bulk properties, product performance, process ability, stability and appearance of the end product in Pharma industry.

The software is useful to measure and analyse the particle size, particles shape, particle count, foreign particle detection, particle structure, homogeneity, surface coatings thickness. For spherical particles (which are rarely uncounted in pharmaceutical powders) the diameters are sufficient to describe the particle size. For non-spherical particles, feret's diameter, Particle orientation, Particle shape, elongation, convexity, circularity, circle equivalent diameter are measured.

This software is also useful to study the polarizing effects which study the cross section through pharmaceutical tablets by preparing thin-sections on slide with UV curing adhesive for final polishing. The cross section reveal the spatial distribution of components in the tablets so that any post compression change (eg polymorph conversions or change in the hydration state of components) can be investigated.